• Welcome to CAS: Computer Lab!

    Here you will find:
    • Computer Class Assignments
    • Educational Websites
    • Help/ Support Pages for Computer Class
    • Display of Student Work (coming up!)
    • Technology Curriculum Information

  • Smile We Use Google Apps for Education!

    Some Highlights/Features of Apps for Education:
    • Free On-line “Suite” of Office Programs
    • 30 Gigs of On-line Storage per Student
    • No Flash-Drives Needed for Computer Class!

    Google Apps for Education is just one of the Web 2.0 tools we will be using this year!

  • butterfly In Computer Class, We Learn:

    As Outlined in NJCCCS in Technology:
    • Technology Operations and Concepts
    • Communication and Collaboration
    • Digital Citizenship
    • Research and Information Literacy
    Along with above, we're also learning Keyboarding!